August 10th, 2012


Two months shy of turning 3 and your dad and I are totally digging your words. 

Mom: ‘why don’t you want to pee standing up?’

L: ‘be-cuuuuz I don’t like it’

(mom’s inner monologue: ‘because? he knows what because means? crazy kid!’)

Mom: ‘hey L, in two minutes we are going to go potty, ok?’

L: silence

Mom: ‘okay L?’

L: silence

Mom: ‘okay L? did you hear me’

L: ‘okay mommy’

Mom: ‘okay what? what did i say?’

L: ‘okay mommy’

(the whole time his nose is deep into one of his apps)

…same situation…

mom: ‘okay L, two minutes are up!  time for potty!’

L: ‘not two minutes mommy’

(mom’s inner monologue: ‘how in the hell did he know that?!’)

Mom: ‘L? did you just butt-butt? (fart)

L: (with a chuckle) ‘yeah, it stuynks!’

mom: ‘it sure does baby!’

and my favorite…

Mom: ‘L? did you poo-poo in your chones (chon-ehs) mn: underwear?’

L: (with a chuckle) ‘yeah, it’s ginormous’

Every day we are surprised with the crazy things you say.  Some things are pretty ridiculous and we can’t help but laugh our ass off.  You continue to amaze and entertain us and we can’t help but say…bring it on baby, we love it.

July 7th, 2012

chocolate milk…

July 7, 2012…I almost gave in and made a glass of chocolate milk to L…oh he would have loved it but I knew that if I did, he would never want boring old milk again. 

UGH!  I really want him to have a glass of choco milk! 

June 3rd, 2012

"talk to me mommy!"

Me and L were getting ready for the bed time ritual, while getting ready for the wash hand and brush teeth portion L sat me down on the floor and he said to my heart, “talk to me mommy!” I was so surprised to hear those words, he’s 2.5 years and normally at that time of the ritual I get, “brush teeth tomorrow mommy” but tonight was different.

So he picked the topics and I lead the discussion, he asked me to dance because his first topic was music, so we danced.

After we brushed teeth, we picked out books and had three more talks and ended with his favorite reads…it was an absolute honor to sit and talk to my little guy…I hope we never stop.

¡Te quiero tanto mijo!

March 28th, 2012

The Haps

L has been pretty active lately, he’s taken us down some smooth roads and some bumpy roads but all in all we are surviving…well, at least he is.

As I type he is quietly calling out, “daddy”, last week it was mommy but lately mommy’s taken a backseat because she’s been laying on her lazy ass recuperating from her wisdom teeth surgery…oh what fun.  For the past 2 years L has been a great sleeper, we go through our routine and bam! the boy is asleep.  For the past month he’s been turning a few tricks, asking for water before he hits the sack or he will ask for two more minutes of holding and rocking before he turns in for the night but now, he will ask for that and go on a quiet rant about how much he wants to go downstairs or that he wants either me or his super dad.  At first, my heart would break, I know what’s its like to have to go to bed but want to hang with the rents, well, not necessarily the rents, I just wanted to hang out and watch Dallas or Knotslanding but who cares, I didn’t want to go to sleep. I know all about asking for those little things just to get a few more seconds of cuddle time and still I give in but lately, dad and I have been holding our ground, turning the other cheek and starring at one another waiting for one of us to give each other the go ahead to go upstairs and ask mijo what his deal is.  It’s important to know that we both are weak when it comes to L and we both cave in and when we do we normally tell each other the same thing…” we are setting precedence!” And at times that works and then there are times that it doesn’t.  He’s been falling asleep pretty late, not by our control, we put him to bed on time but he falls asleep and hour sometimes two hours later; it’s hard but we are trying to be strong…boy we are trying.  One thing is for sure, and I’ve repeated this many times, L has a strong attitude and when he is determined to get his way he will fight tooth and nail for what he feels is right…that will go a long way when he gets older but for now, this is one protest he cannot win. (he is still quietly asking for daddy)

Feats of strengths, this boy is strong and when he has to fight us off he will turn green and throw us into a frenzy; case in point, nebulizer and eye medication.  A few months ago we had to give him breathing treatments and through tears and screams we put him through the GREAT NEBULIZER (say that with a deep manly voice, w/ a hint of echo).  Most of those tears and screams were his but some were ours. We had never heard him scream for vengeance and it scared the shit out of us but for many days we had to endure the punishment of the GREAT NEBULIZER.  Every night i would say, “come on nebulizer people! make a product that doesn’t sound like it’s going to eat your child, the parents and the freaking cat and make something quieter and friendlier!”  The mask alone are pretty scary, like, 1970’s slasher movie scary, COME ON! (and now he is quietly asking for mommy, no daddy, yup daddy it is).  For a month, L would say, “no breathing treatments mommy. treatments, go away!”; for a freaking month we had to hear that and it simply killed us.  He really showed us that he has super human strength…like made mutant strength.

Now, he’s onto eye drops for his allergies and pink eye, he screams but not like nebulizer screams, it’s just the normal, “NO EYE DROPS!” scream and that my friend we can handle.

Now for the fun stuff!

L is in soccer and he LOVES IT!  I’ve never seen him get so stoked about anything before in his life but the minute he knows it’s Sunday, he is jumping around and chanting, “soccer practice! my soccer practice!”  He really surprised us with his mad dribbling skills and how well he kicks the ball.  He’s getting better at the drills and we are having a blast, running around and helping him listen to his coach…she’s really cute and I think he thinks so too.  It’s great to see the parents interact with their kids and I love watching K teach L and coach him on his drills…melt my heart!

Swimming lessons are in two weeks and I can’t wait!

L’s become a real comedian and he is totally showing us how well he can take a joke,  we love watching him laugh at jokes or laugh at movie scenes.  He has a knack for keeping our funny bone alive and what can I say, his adorable smile resonates though out the day for us.  He is a delight.

I think he finally hit the sleep button. 

Speaking of, my painkillers are starting to take it ‘s toll and I should be hitting the sack myself.

I miss you tumblr, blog you later!

March 19th, 2012

I need sleep advice for my 2.5 year old?


L has always been a great sleeper.  Our routine was awesome, bath, teeth, pj’s, pick three books, read, say our good nights and he would pass out by 7:30/8.  Now, he fights his sleep and it normally takes him an hour to an hour and half to get him to tire out. 

Is this normal? Any hints?

It breaks my heart to hear him whimper but I know i have to stand my ground…right?

Hope my Tumblr family can help.


broken hearted parents

February 6th, 2012

dinner tonight

Dad made an awesome dinner tonight, big fat slab of pork with dirty rice in the middle and some greens…mmm! good!

L ate a few bites, but only with sour cream…he’s found sour cream like we Americans found ketchup…strange bird.

So here’s how dinner ended:

L: “all done!”

M: “are you sure you are not hungry?”

D: “do you want to go to bed without any food?”

L had to think about it and smiled and said, “all done!”

M walked away from the table and into the kitchen and grabbed a double fudge chocolate cookie, took a couple of bites and sat back at the table.

L looked at me and immediately grabbed his greens, stuffed them in his mouth, ate the rest of his pork and rice…cleaned his plate.

We chuckled under our breath but were amazed how his hunger kicked in all for a small cookie…that’s our boy!

January 15th, 2012

I am like my mom…


When I was a kid my mom, your grandma (abuelita), would love us to pieces with her cooking and her baking.  She would bake pies, cakes, cookies, empanadas, sopapias and a whole mess of other stuff. Her cooking was the best and still is, but the baking was phenomenal. 

Although she would make me eat liver and some veggies that I learned to like and some I still hate…but she made me because she wanted to expand my choices and give me the nutrients that my little body needed. 

I will toot my horn and say that you are lucky to have a mom like grandma, she loves to cook and bake and she will always make you eat those foods that are good for you but will always love you with the good stuff too!

Case in point, tomorrow morning you will have the option of eating blueberry muffins or a cranberry muffins…all because you ate all your food tonight and both you and your daddy are cute!

January 2nd, 2012

Ta-Ta Tree

Dear Lyrek,

At the age of two you have wow’d us with your wit and charm.  You made this holiday season fun and memorable.

We hate to see the holidays go, for many reason but one of the things we loved about this holiday was your cute way of saying the word “Christmas”.

"Ta-Ta- Tree"

"Ta-Ta- lights"…"on" or "off"

Every time you look at a Christmas tree you point to the round ornaments and say “no balls”, which has been the only lesson that has stuck with you since you’ve been put on this crazy planet. 

We are going to miss Christmas and I know you will too but I am sure that next year will be just as special.