February 6th, 2012

dinner tonight

Dad made an awesome dinner tonight, big fat slab of pork with dirty rice in the middle and some greens…mmm! good!

L ate a few bites, but only with sour cream…he’s found sour cream like we Americans found ketchup…strange bird.

So here’s how dinner ended:

L: “all done!”

M: “are you sure you are not hungry?”

D: “do you want to go to bed without any food?”

L had to think about it and smiled and said, “all done!”

M walked away from the table and into the kitchen and grabbed a double fudge chocolate cookie, took a couple of bites and sat back at the table.

L looked at me and immediately grabbed his greens, stuffed them in his mouth, ate the rest of his pork and rice…cleaned his plate.

We chuckled under our breath but were amazed how his hunger kicked in all for a small cookie…that’s our boy!